• Letter or Testimony
  • April 29, 2021

HAB Coalition provides habilitation guidance to state insurance regulators

CHA, along with 14 other organizational members of the Habilitation (HAB) Coalition, sent a letter and technical assistance toolkit to every state insurance commissioner on ways to assure that habilitative services and devices are appropriately covered under states’ essential health benefit (EHB) benchmark plans. Under the ACA, insurers in the individual and small group markets must use the state’s benchmark plan as their template for their benefit designs. Other private insurance consumer protections, such as the prohibition on large, small and individual plans’ imposition of annual or lifetime limits, applies to any service that is included in the EHB benchmark. The toolkit outlines the differences between rehabilitation and habilitation, the critical role habilitation plays in the lives of children with chronic illness or disability, ways to identify gaps in current coverage and mechanisms states can use to address gaps in their EHB plan design.