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  • July 29, 2019

Educating the Community to Lead Healthy Successful Lives

Listen to this 5-minute micro-presentation by Laura McDonagh, Director, Pediatric Service Line and Michelle Raider, Coordinator, Program & Community Outreach from Cohen Children's Hospital. They highlight the development of their educational services brochure: "Educating the Community to Lead Healthy Lives." Feel free to contact the presenters if you have questions.

Recorded July 22, 2019

Hello and thank you for tuning in to gain an understanding of the educational services that Cohen Children’s Medical Center of the Northwell Health system provides for the community here in New York State. We will introduce to you a resource that we developed titled: Educating the Community to Lead, Healthy, Successful Lives.

I am Laura McDonagh, Director of the Pediatric Service Line. I oversee our marketing, outreach, and patient experience for the pediatric service line.

And I am Michelle Raider, Coordinator of Program and Community Outreach and I facilitate our school partnerships and community engagement activities. Together, with the support of another 2 FTE, and with the support of our Corporate Community Relations team, we are charged with community outreach for our children’s hospital.

Our Programs

Here in this slide you can really begin to see our programs in action. For years, we have received requests from local districts and schools to provide individual educational sessions. We noticed a common theme- there is a gap in educational resources for school districts and it’s a gap we could fill. In 2017, after implementing a school nurse educational series and soliciting feedback from school leadership, we set sights on expanding our education services.

Who Makes Up Our Audience

Out of our commitment to preventative wellness and from the results of our needs assessments, we began understanding that the best promotion for ourselves and the programs we offer, was to compile a list of workshops we feel showcase our expertise. Hence, the creation of Educating the Community to Lead, Healthy, Successful Lives brochure. The material has been disseminated throughout our monthly school newsletter, which encourages wellness activities relevant to the time of year. It is also distributed to our school workgroup and CEU nurse programs, encouraging them to bring the education they receive back to their students. We consider our brochure a “jumping off point,” as it is simply a sample of the tested and true educational sessions that are most requested and conducted. However, we understand that each district, each grade level, and each student have unique needs, and we are committed to providing education to fill this gap. As a health system with nearly 70,000 employees, any topic and customization needed, we work to provide. Narrowing our topics to what is featured in our brochure was a combination of analyzing the feedback we received, including the expertise of the educators on our staff, and reorganizing our structure and how we promote ourselves to the communities we serve.

Standardizing Our Education For All Target Populations

Once we gathered the topics we were most experienced in, and matched them with the highest requested topics, we needed to organize our curriculum. We wanted everyone involved in a child’s wellness to receive education on the same topic, while speaking to their expertise and needs. For example, how could we eradicate bullying in our schools through student education if our parents and school staff were not equally armed with the information needed?

After launching our menu of services in 2018, we were immediately met with an outpouring of requests and needs. The requests quickly outgrew the topics offered in our brochure, as well as the staff directly working for our team. As a member of the Northwell Health system, we looked to the rest of the resources in our network to fill these requests promptly. However, the requests spanned far beyond educational lectures and sessions and the interest for larger scale programs grew. We had to adapt quickly and realign our outreach goals to meet the demands we were facing.

Who We Are

Our offices and 80+ points of entry span Long Island, the boroughs, and Westchester, with a reach of over 1.7 million students in grades K-12. Our goal is to provide the same education across all regions to all students.

This initiative has allowed us to have more dialogue with students and teachers, to educate ourselves on the evolving needs of schools, and to continue to grow as a program.

We appreciate you taking the time to join us on the journey through our educational initiatives and hope you have gained a useful understanding of how we have implemented our services into practice.

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