• Presentation or Recording
  • November 20, 2014

Childhood Obesity Webinars

The recorded webinars below cover a variety of topics related to childhood obesity - from clinical interests to policy, both internal and external to the hospital.

Highlighting Opportunities for Primary Care in Obesity Prevention
November 2014

Comorbidities, Screening and Management
September 2014

Resources for Researchers—An Overview of NCCOR
July 2014

Overview of 2013 Obesity Services Survey Findings
May 2014

Addressing Obesity in Early Childhood
March 2014

Success Stories From the Field—Let's Go! 5-2-1-0
January 2014

Featured Program—Choosing Health & Active Lifestyles for Kids (CHALK)
November 2013

The Role of Registered DietitiansPediatric Weight Management Programs, Healthy Hospital Initiatives and the Community
September 2013

The Healthier Generation Benefit
July 2013

Injury and Obesity Prevention on the Way to School
May 2013

Reduction or Elimination—Strategies for Addressing Sugar Sweetened Beverages
May 2013

Addressing Safety Concerns for the Obese Inpatient
March 2013

The Role of Physical Activity—From Weight Management Programs to the Community
January 2013

Obesity Stigma in Youth—Implications for Patients, Providers and Clinical Practice
November 2012

Engaging Health Systems in Promoting Healthy and Active Communities
September 2012

Obesity and Children With Special Health Care Needs
July 2012

Prevention of Childhood Obesity—The Vital Role of Parent Training
March 2012

Community Partnerships for Prevention
September 2011

Role of Psychologists in Weight Management
July 2011

Let's Move! in the Clinic and Community
March 2011

Taking Prevention to the Schools
January 2011

Role of Nursing
September 2010

Weight Management Programs—Across a Spectrum of Development
June 2010