Injury Prevention

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Understanding Injury Prevention

Injuries harm more children than all childhood diseases combined. Fortunately, most injuries are predictive and preventable and children’s hospitals are working to keep children safe at home, in school, and in vehicles.


Presentation or Recording
Educating the Community to Lead Healthy Successful Lives
July 29, 2019

Learn from the expertise of Cohen Children’s Hospital educational services.

A Firearm Safety Toolkit Children's Hospitals Can Adapt
June 7, 2018

Seattle Children's leaned on its experience with previous safety campaigns to increase the use of booster seats and life jackets to develop its firearm safety program.

Amid Increased Drownings, Hospital’s Drowning Prevention Campaign Ups the Ante
May 23, 2018

Following 77 drowning incidents last year, Cook Children's remains vigilant.

Blood Test Helps Identify Abusive Head Trauma in Infants
August 1, 2017

Researchers have developed a blood test to help clinicians identify shaken baby syndrome.

Marijuana Legalization and the Effects on Child Health and Safety
March 13, 2017

As marijuana-laced candies, snacks and treats hit the legal market, child health and safety issues, like accidental ingestion leading to emergency department visits, are emerging.

Give Families the Tools to Store Firearms Safely
February 8, 2017

Seattle Children's Hospital gives away firearm lock boxes and trigger locks at large-scale community events.

How One Children's Hospital Found its Role in Preventing Community Violence
November 9, 2016

Lurie Children’s Hospital leads a violence prevention collaborative that engages stakeholders across Chicago.

Hospital Helps Families Prevent Accidental Gun Injuries and Deaths
June 27, 2016

Phoenix Children’s Hospital helps inform parents of the dangers of unsecured guns and educates them on how to find out if there are weapons where their children play.

The Toll Injuries Take on Employees
February 2, 2016

OSHA statistics on employee injuries on the job and how much it costs hospitals.

Strategies for Helping Employees Stay Healthy on the Job
February 2, 2016

Health care industry employees are injured on the job more than in any other industry. Providing health programs helps them focus on delivering better care.

Fact Sheet
Injury Prevention Facts and Trends
March 11, 2015

Find out more about unintentional injury and how it impacts children's health and well-being.

Presentation or Recording
Child Passenger Safety Discharge Policy: A Virtual Learning Forum Series
November 19, 2014

View all of the archived webinars from Child Passenger Safety Discharge Policy: A Virtual Learning Forum Series.

Presentation or Recording
Injury Prevention Webinars
October 29, 2014

View recordings of past injury prevention webinars.

Standard or Guideline
Checklist for Hospital Discharge Recommendations for Safe Transportation of Children
September 9, 2014

The Association developed this checklist to serve as a tool for policy development within hospitals.

Standard or Guideline
Hospital Discharge Recommendations for Safe Transportation of Children
March 25, 2014

Best practice recommendations for hospital discharge developed by an expert working group convened by NHTSA.