• Letter or Testimony
  • March 25, 2020

CMS RFI on Coordinating Care from Out-of-State Providers for Children with Medically Complex Conditions

Earlier this year, CMS released a request for information (RFI) on coordinating care from out-of-state providers for Medicaid-eligible children with medically complex conditions. As background, CMS will consider RFI responses as they develop guidance to state Medicaid directors on the coordination of care from out-of-state providers for these children, which is required under ACE Kids by Oct. 1, 2020. Through the RFI, CMS wants to:

  • identify best practices for using out-of-state providers to provide care for children with medically complex conditions
  • determine how care is coordinated for this population of children
  • reduce barriers that prevent children from receiving care from out-of-state providers in a timely manner
  • identify processes for screening and enrolling out-of-state providers, including streamlining such processes

Based on feedback from children's hospitals, we submitted a response to CMS' "Request for Information: Coordinating Care from Out-of-State Providers for Medicaid-Eligible Children with Medically Complex Conditions." Thank you for the feedback that informed our response.