• June 14, 2018

Pediatric Residency Programs: Promoting Advocacy

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Residency Program

CHOP residents

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) understands that children need strong advocates, which is why it has instituted the Community Pediatrics and Advocacy Program (CPAP) within its residency training curriculum.

CPAP is designed to teach residents to become pediatricians who: 

  • Are as comfortable and competent in their role as child advocates as they are in their medical practice
  • Can effectively advocate for an individual child and family, as well as all children in their community
  • Work in partnership with community-based agencies to promote the well-being of children

CHOP incorporates CPAP elements in every year of its residency program. Residents learn about medical cases that intersect with community and clinical experiences, and design and implement their own advocacy projects combining community needs and their own interests and passions. Residents learn about community pediatrics in a variety of developmental clinics, such as Audiology, Neonatal Follow-up and Physical Therapy. They also benefit from experience in adolescent clinics, including Family Planning, Eating Disorder Treatment and HIV Prevention. 

All aspects of health and wellness cannot be achieved by medical treatment alone. CHOP is using its unique residency program to help future physicians tackle these problems and advocate for the health of their young patients.   

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