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The Children's Hospital Association offers numerous webinars on various topics available to the entire membership.

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Blueprints for Improvement Series

These webinars feature stand-out presentations at our major educational conferences. Topics focus on improving care and access, and reducing cost. (Accessible to members only.) View upcoming webinars and past call recordings.

Creating Health Virtual Learning

Education opportunities to support children’s hospitals in balancing the dual roles of health care delivery and creating child health. Learn fundamental concepts in the Essentials in Population Health webinar and white paper series and advance your hospital’s work in population health with access to national experts and peers with experience. View upcoming webinars and past call recordings.

Executive Sponsor Knowledge Webinar Series

This series includes a webinar from each of CHA's Executive Sponsors. View upcoming webinars and past call recordings.

Public Policy Update Calls

CHA offers weekly conference calls for members to participate in and suggest ways to best influence policy issues that impact children's health and children's hospitals. Issues include implementation of health care reform to ensure that it addresses children's unique health care needs, Medicaid and other critical programs, and re-authorization of the Children’s Hospitals Graduate Medical Education Program. (Accessible to members only.) View call-in information and past call recordings.

Sepsis Webinar Series

Monthly series to bring national pediatric sepsis experts together for a free webinar series to help children's hospitals improve how they care for patients with sepsis. View upcoming webinars and past call recordings.

Town Hall Series: Getting the Most Out of Membership

Find and leverage the right association programs and initiatives to meet your hospital’s specific needs. (Accessible to members only.) View upcoming webinars and past call recordings.