• Conference/Meeting
  • June 16-18, 2020

2020 Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day

Join fellow children’s hospital staff and patient families in Washington, D.C., to talk with lawmakers about the uniqueness of children’s hospitals and current child health issues. The event will feature a family-friendly program tailored to accommodate the special needs of patients, their families and the hospital staff supporting them.

June 16-18, 2020

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Nobody can tell the stories of patient outcomes like those who serve and are served by children's hospitals.

On June 16-18, 2020, patients and families from across the country will journey to Washington, D.C., to advocate to their lawmakers about children's health during the 16th annual Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day.

Hospitals are encouraged to identify and register patient families with any of the following attributes:

  • Child has primary or secondary Medicaid health insurance
    • Hospitals are encouraged to promote Medicaid as the backbone of children's health care, as well as Medicaid's return on investment in terms of improving lifetime outcomes through access to preventive care and ongoing care.
  • Child receives care for mental or behavioral health through the hospital's care network(s)
    • Ideally, hospitals will identify a child with Medicaid health insurance, although children with CHIP, TRICARE, and/or private health insurance be considered
  • Child's health condition resulted from a preventable injury, such as an accident
  • Child receives care for health conditions related to vaping or opioids
  • Child has medical complexity
  • Child is a sepsis survivor
  • Child is in a military family and has both TRICARE and Medicaid health insurance
  • Child is the daughter/son of a veteran, and as a result, transitioned from TRICARE to Medicaid 

Registration Process

There are two separate event registration portals for registering hospital staff and patient families who will attend the event.

Hospital staff must complete registration for patient families. Share the patient family registration questions with your family contact and request their responses.

Please watch the tutorial below to learn more about how to register for Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day.

Connect with Us

The Children's Hospital Association's Speak Now for Kids campaign educates stakeholders about the relevant public policy issues affecting children's health care. The campaign shares testimonials from individual health providers and patient families to profile their experiences with the health care system, then leverages those stories to mobilize stakeholders around taking public policy actions that support children's health.

Every day between early-May and mid-June, you can learn more about the young champions who will join us in the nation's capital to share stories about their health care journeys with lawmakers. They will effectively illustrate why all kids need children's hospitals and how public policies can affect their access to health care.