• Webinar/Call
  • June 21, 2017

Integrating Mental and Behavioral Health

Unaddressed parental mental health needs can negatively impact the health of their children and families. A child’s behavioral health needs can also complicate a provider’s ability to manage chronic medical conditions. Rather than viewing physical and mental health separately, progressive health systems and providers have embraced a shift in perspective: health is comprised of both mental and physical aspects and must be treated as a whole rather than two halves.  In this session, Dr. Briggs will discuss developing supportive programming for the entire family to help ensure a healthy start despite a high risk of adverse childhood events.

BriggsRahil D. Briggs, PsyD
Director, Pediatric Behavioral Health Services Montefiore Medical Group


John Nash, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Franciscan Children’s
Brighton, MA

About the Essentials Series

Thomas Jefferson University, through its Jefferson College of Population Health (JCPH) and the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) have collaborated to offer this four-part series of webinars devoted to population health. The series will explore important changes in the environment under healthcare reform, with special emphasis on what is required to operationalize a population health management strategy.

A white paper for each of the webinars will incorporate key insights from background information and will expand on the content of the webinar with illustrative discussion and will direct member participants to additional online resources for more reading/information.