• Webinar/Call
  • May 9, 2017

Engaging Communities to Optimize Care Coordination

At-risk communities in urban and rural settings are particularly vulnerable and typically underserved; therefore, it is important to leverage available resources to support families in their efforts to manage their health. It is especially critical for healthcare providers to understand the landscape of services available; the ways in which these resources are funded; and the regulatory opportunities (and obstacles) that will help bridge the gaps. In this session, Dr. Fasso and Dr. Baker will discuss these topics, as well as the essential tools in community engagement, from the collective impact model to community health needs assessments and hot-spotting.

FrassoRosemary Frasso, PhD, MSc, CPH
Program Director, Public Health Program
Jefferson College of Population Health 


Jillian L. Baker, DrPH
Assistant Professor, Jefferson College of Population Health 

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