• Webinar/Call
  • June 10, 2015

System-wide Sepsis Improvement Implementation: University of North Carolina

When University of North Carolina Hospitals looked carefully at mortality in 2014, failure to rescue rose to the top as a key issue, and patients with sepsis were a key population, with 45% of inpatient deaths associated with a sepsis diagnosis. In a bid to reduce raw mortality at UNC Hospitals by 10% by June 2016, the system is developing a system-wide sepsis improvement project, beginning in the UNC Children’s Hospital. Tools and strategies will be spread not only across the entire children’s hospital, children’s emergency department, and children’s onsite ambulatory clinics, but also to the emergency department and all adult hospital inpatient units in the 5-hospital campus. The team is carefully balancing the power created by system-wide alignment with the need for local buy-in and customization.

Presenter: Tina Schade Willis, MD