Our Work Together - 2015 Highlights

April 2016

The pace of change in the health care industry makes it more important than ever to stay connected to colleagues across the country. As a small industry with a mighty cause, we link arms to create solutions and advance next generation payment and delivery models for child health and children’s hospitals. Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) is powered by the collaboration of more than 220 children’s hospitals.

Working together in 2015, we focused on two fundamental areas:

  • Changing public policy to impact the children’s hospital and pediatric health care industry
  • Improving the practice of pediatric health care and performance of children’s hospitals

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  • Advocacy Accomplishments Advocacy

    With our hospitals, we advocate to ensure access to care and services, to secure funding for pediatric training, and to advance solutions to transform the delivery system for children.

  • Transforming Care Delivery Transforming Care Delivery

    Children’s hospitals are transforming children’s health care together by developing and spreading evidence-based practices, and investing in innovative approaches to better care, healthier children and smarter spending.

  • Data Accomplishments Data and Analytics

    Comparative pediatric data sets—the nation’s largest—and analytic capabilities put actionable information into the hands of more hospital leaders and decision-makers.

  • Learning Accomplishments Learning and Networking

    Learning, networking and sharing opportunities help children's hospitals interact with peers and learn from each other, as well as industry and national thought leaders.

  • Membership Accomplishements Membership, Communications and Sponsorship

    Publications, tools and resources help advance the mission of children's hospitals and the health and well-being of all children.

  • Aggregated Purchasing Aggregated Purchasing

    CHA offers pediatric-specific aggregated savings on supplies, pharmaceuticals and employee benefits.